Special Offers

We have a variety of different package deals to choose from, or if you would prefer a more personalized package deal, just call up one of our friendly reception staff, and we can make all the appropriate reservations for you to ensure your experience with our courtesans is exactly what you are looking for. We aim to supercede your expectations...


Standard Full Service

1 Hour Quicky
price: $500
2.5 Hour Dinner Date
price: $1250
4 Hour Wine Dine 69
price: $2750

Our Chicago Tour Packages

Centrepoint Tower Dinner Date
price: $1500
Sydney Sightseeing Day Tour
price: $3000
Opera Bar Dinner and Drinks
price: $2250


French Maid Fantasy
price: $1500
Bondi Beach Babe
price: $1500

Personalized Tour

Please speak to our friendly reception staff.
Price: $0